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Sport and Recreation South Africa: Overview

The aim of Sport and Recreation South Africa (SRSA) is to improve the quality of life of all South Africans by promoting participation in sport and recreation in the country and through the participation of South African sportspersons and teams in international sporting events.

The Department's objects are to:

  • Increase the levels of participation in sport and recreation activities.
  • Raise sports profile in the face of conflicting priorities.
  • Maximise the probability of success in major events.
  • Place sport in the forefront of efforts to reduce the levels of crime.
The Department's priorities are:
  • To confirm roles and streamline the responsibilities of the various stakeholders in sport and recreation to ensure that coordination and economies of scale are realized.
  • To provide funds for the creation or upgrading of basic multi-purpose sports facilities in disadvantaged areas.
  • To develop the human resource potential required for the effective management of sport and recreation in South Africa.
  • To motivate the community to develop active lifestyles and to channel those with talent for development into the competitive areas of sport.
  • To develop a high-performance programme that is geared towards the preparation of the elite athletes for major competition.
  • To ensure that all sport and recreation bodies meet their affirmative action objectives.
  • To develop a code of ethics on recreation in South Africa.
  • To develop an international relations policy, in concert with national government policy.


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