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Information on Industry Sectors


You can obtain information on business and industrial sectors both provincially and nationally through a variety of state departments and public entities.


Wesgro has undertaken detailed background studies on numerous sectors in the Western Cape and has also produced easy-to-read fact sheets based on these reports.

The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa's sectoral strategic business units also provide information on and assistance to the following sectors:

  • agro-industries
  • chemicals
  • empowerment
  • entrepreneurial mining and jewellery
  • international finance
  • metals, transport & machinery
  • southern african development community
  • techno-industries
  • textiles, clothing, leather & footwear
  • tourism
  • wholesale finance
  • wood, paper & other
  • media & motion pictures.


Trade and Investment South Africa provides information on the agro-processing sector, the automotive sector, the information & communication technology sector and the textile & clothing sector.

As part of their business support services, the Business Referral and Information Network (BRAIN) supplies information on a vast number of sectors.


For more information contact the Directorate of Industry Development:


Industry Development
Shuray Bux
Tel: 021 483 9836
Fax: 021 483 4616

Agriculture and Agribusiness
Goodwell Dingaan
Tel: 021 483 9315
Fax: 021 483 5399

Trade and Sectors Development
Nigel Gwynne-Evans
Tel: 021 483 3859
Fax: 021 483 4616

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