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The Government of South Africa - Notices

Note: This is not a complete list of all Notices.
(File type: pdf; size: 101.59 KB)1 October 2001
(File type: pdf; size: 169.82 KB)19 April 2001
This Code aims to guide employers and employees on key aspects of promoting equal opportunities and fair treatment for people with disabilities as required by the Employment Equity Act, 55 of 1998. It is also intended to help employers and employees understand their rights and obligations, promote certainty and reduce disputes to ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy and exercise their rights at work.
(File type: pdf; size: 33.31 KB)1 October 1998
This document outlines the policy for admitting learners to ordinary public schools, including how old learners should be in the first year of school, who is responsible for registering learners to a particular schools, rules governing access to schooling including non-citizens and learners with special needs. The policy also explains what documents parents require to register their children with a school or where to apply for their child to be taught at home.
1 October 1998
This document covers the state funding of public schools, fee exemptions to public schools, and subsidies to independent schools.