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Local Government Responsibilities


Basic ServicesThe Constitution states the local municipalities are responsible for the following:

  • beaches and amusement facilities
  • billboards and the display of advertisements in public places
  • cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria
  • cleansing
  • control of public nuisances
  • control of undertakings that sell liquor to the public
  • facilities for the accommodation, care and burial of animals
  • fencing and fences
  • licensing of dogs
  • licensing and control of undertakings that sell food to the public
  • local amenities
  • local sport facilities
  • markets
  • municipal abattoirs
  • municipal parks and recreation
  • municipal roads
  • noise pollution
  • pounds
  • public places
  • refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal
  • street trading
  • street lighting
  • traffic and parking.

To find out more about the services and facilities provided by your local municipality, visit the local government section of this website or contact your municipality.

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