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E-Opportunities Management Information System (MIS): Overview



Electronic Opportunities Management Information

Entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Western Cape can help overcome the challenges of unemployment in our province by creating more jobs through small, medium and micro business.

The provincial government, through the Department of Economic Development and Tourism, wants to build an economy in which more people are encouraged to start their own businesses.

The Management Information System (MIS) is an access point for the collection of information and the publication of Broad-Based Economic Empowerment (BBEE) and Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) opportunities.

MIS will provide opportunities in the relevant business sector, all the information needed to set up a business or to contact businesses in which there is an interest, as well as other business support services.

Who will benefit

The site is developed to empower:

  • Citizens in rural areas
  • Women and youth in business
  • People living with disabilities
  • Small and emerging black businesses
  • Broader community

Who are the partners

The partners include but are not limited to:

The next step

  • The first phase is intended to provide information on policies, legislation and other documents.
  • The second phase is centred on a database identifying economic BBEE opportunities.

Please watch this space for information about the launch of the MIS website.

Increasing the economic participation of beneficiaries of BBEE.

Providers and beneficiaries of BBEE opportunities and information will be linked through the MIS as a single access point.
If you are living in one of the Western Cape's rural areas you can make use of one of our walk-in access points. We will provide you with training and support on the MIS system.

For more information contact:
The Project Manager
Patricia September
Tel: 021 483 8768
Email: pseptemb@pgwc.gov.za

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