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Western Cape Liquor Authority: Overview

The Western Cape Liquor Authority, also known as the WCLA,  regulates the retail sale and micro manufacturing of liquor in the Western Cape. Young man walking through the liquor aisle

If you want to sell or micro manufacture liquor, you'll need to apply for a liquor license at Western Cape Liquor Authority. The WCLA also has liquor inspectors that visit liquor licenced premises to monitor and enforce compliance with the provisions of the Western Cape Liquor Act 4/2008 as amended, the Western Cape Liquor Regulations of 2011 as amended, and liquor license conditions.

If you'd like to find out more about liquor laws, get in touch with one of the education officers. This service is available to liquor licence holders and communities.

For more information regarding the WCLA services, visit the WCLA website

Tel: 021 204 9805 
Email: liquor.enquiries@wcla.gov.za 

The content on this page was last updated on 13 March 2018