Legislation: Overview | Western Cape Government

Legislation: Overview

The Directorate Legislation aims to ensure legislative clarity by providing guidance and support.


  • Provide internal support internally as well as support to municipalities in the Western Cape to ensure legislative clarity.
  • Develop provincial local government legislation.
  • Administer councilor, transactional land matters, and co-ordinate interventions.

Legislation Support

Legislation Support assists municipalities with advice on legislation.


  • Provides assistance in preparing and administering of by-laws and standard by-laws.
  • Maintains the institutional integrity of municipalities.
  • Assists with processes regarding new legislation and amendments to legislation.
  • Administers a legal resource centre.

Legislation Development

Legislation Development is responsible to assess current legislation as well as developing policy and draft legislation pertaining to local government. This component is also responsible for the rationalisation of local government legislation.

Councilor Matters and Interventions

Councilor Matters and Interventions ensures legal compliance with councilor matters such as councillor remuneration and Code of Conduct Issues. It administers specific transactional land matters, and is responsible for co-coordinating and ensuring legislative compliance during provincial interventions in municipalities.

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