Human Settlement Development: Overview | Western Cape Government

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Human Settlement Development: Overview

Human Settlement Development is responsible to facilitate, promote, co-ordinate and manage integrated human settlements, emergency housing, and upgrading of informal settlements within the province.


  • The promotion and facilitation of integrated and sustainable social housing environments
  • The promotion of integrated and sustainable settlement post land restitution
  • The co-ordination and facilitation of settlement upgrading
  • The promotion and facilitation of settlement development
  • Assistance to Municipalities with housing in emergency situations

Social Housing Development

Social Housing Development aims to promote and facilitate social housing, which is a housing option for low-to-medium income persons that is provided by housing institutions, and may exclude immediate individual ownership. This component assists with the preparation of plans, business plans and identification of suitable land for such development.

It also liaises with and co-ordinates other departments and local governments, promotes integrated social housing development, and monitors and evaluates the status of social housing initiatives.

Post Restitution Development

Restitution is the process by which land and other property that was forcibly removed from its owners is restored or compensation of equivalent value provided.

Post restitution development provides guidance to claimant communities in liaison with municipalities and other stakeholders with post settlement development where land is given back to communities as restitution.

Through this guidance, this component promotes sustainable development in relation to the local economy, social equity and the ecological environment.

Settlement Upgrading

Settlement Upgrading deals with the upgrade of informal settlements in the Western Cape, which has been declared a national housing priority. It also co-ordinates emergency housing programmes providing assistance where housing needs are caused by natural and other disasters as well as people living under stressful conditions, like in floodplains.

Settlement Development

Settlement Development aims to encourage and facilitate integrated and sustainable human settlements in the Western Cape. It also manages lawful settlement by monitoring unlawful occupation of Western Cape Housing Properties.

The content on this page was last updated on 20 August 2013