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WoW! Seniors

WoW! Seniors is a FUN and FREE wellness-promoting event offered to invited Senior Citizens (aged 60 and older). The event is very social with participants taking part in chair-based exercises and a free-style dancing competition with prizes for the winners. In addition, discussion groups focus on healthy eating with emphasis on eating lots of plant-based foods (including fruit, vegetables, salads, legumes and nuts), lowering salt and sugar intake, and drinking more safe tap water with the option of adding natural flavours such as pieces of fruit and/or herbs. The discussion also include sessions on the importance of maintaining and increasing physical mobility and good posture through regular exercising that could be enjoyed at home and in the community. In addition, practical tips about the above topics are shared with all the participants. The interactive participatory discussion groups are facilitated by experts in the field such as Biokineticists, Dieticians, Health Promoters and Physiotherapists. The 3-hour WoW! Seniors event takes place each second month at a venue offered by Metrorail Western Cape/PRASA CRES within the City of Cape Town. Senior Citizens from a diverse range of communities are invited to the events. And light healthy refreshments are served through valued sponsorship from local organisations. The intention is incrementally to offer this popular WoW! event to Senior Citizens at a range of settings across the Western Cape.