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Motivation for Healthy Eating

Many challenges may exist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially overcoming some of the barriers you may experience in terms of healthy eating. Some of the challenges you may experience to healthy eating may include:

  • Giving up foods you like
  • Irregular working hours
  • Busy lifestyle
  • Lack of willpower
  • Prices of healthy foods
  • Lack of knowledge about healthy choices
  • Feeling alone and unsupported

It is important to find coping mechanisms and ways to overcome some of the barriers you experience. Some ways to overcome these are:

  • Write down your goals and place them where you can see them constantly. This can serve as a reminder and will keep you focused.
  • Focus on the progress you have made and set realistic short term (immediate changes) and long term goals (changes over a longer period e.g. six month period).
  • Make small changes one at a time instead of trying to change your dietary habits overnight.
  • Know which healthy foods you really enjoy and choose to eat these more often.
  • Adjust foods that you like and make them healthier e.g. change preparation methods or replace ingredients with healthier options.
  • Have an attitude of not giving up!
  • Make sure you have support from family and friends by asking them to join you in changing your eating habits. If they do not want to join you ask them to encourage you.
  • Reward yourself from time to time with a small incentive; this will help you to stay motivated.