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Let’s Get Physical!

Being physically active is about moving our bodies by using muscles and energy. Regular physical activity promotes and protects our physical and mental wellness, and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Look for activities that suit your abilities, fitness level and that you will enjoy. Every now and then try some new activities to keep you motivated and existed about your physical activity journey.    

Dance Dance Dance!!!

WoW Dance Instructional

WoW Dance Chair based

Full WoW Dance video

Simple steps to running or walking 6km in 6-weeks!

6 weeks to 6km run.png
6 weeks to 6km walk.png

Source: Developed by Kathleen Mc Quaide

Office based exercises

Chair dips.jpg
Desk lean.jpg
doorway stretch.jpg
knee raises.jpg
Leg lift.jpg
neck stretch.jpg
Office lunge.jpg
Office squat.jpg
Push up.jpg
WoW! Office-based exercise_ leg workout.jpg
WoW! Office-based exercise_ office squat.jpg
WoW! Office-based exercise_ straight-leg raises.jpg