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Emotional Wellness

The Truth about Relationships: Calm down first
Relationship Skills

Our relationships with people have a major impact on our emotional wellness and general health status. The more we understand about our relationship behaviours, and the more connected we feel to ourselves and the ones we love, the happier and healthier we feel and live. There are behavioural actions that can and do improve people’s relationships. For free information and skills towards have better relationships, practical mini video clips, from The Truth About Relationship series, will be uploaded each month. View these video clips: 

The Truth About Relationships

The Truth About Relationships: Stop the damage now

 The Truth About Relationships: Choose Your Time and Place

The Truth About Relationships: The Three Biggest Mistakes

 The Truth about Relationships: Protect your relationship

 The Truth about Relationships: Calm down first

 The Truth about Relationships: Choose a respectful space for talking 

 The Truth about Relationships: Decide what matters most 

 The Truth about Relationships: Share your upsets 

The Truth about Relationships: Take a turn to speak 

The Truth about Relationships: Speak for yourself only 

The Truth about Relationships: Put your upsets on the shelf

The Truth about Relationships: Give your relationship priority 

The Truth about Relationships: Show some interest 

 The Truth about Relationships: Know each other’s triggers

The Truth about Relationships: Stop fixing try understanding

The Truth about Relationships: Know how to disagree

 The Truth about Relationships: Stop reacting to each other

 The Truth about Relationships: Don’t fight about the facts

The Truth about Relationships: Don’t lean on each other’s fences

The Truth about Relationships: Never Compromise

The Truth about Relationships: Stop the escalation

The Truth about Relationships: Speak about what you need