Verification requirements: Motor vehicle or driving licence transactions


Motorists must verify all personal and address particulars with any motor vehicle or driving licence transaction.

What this means is that any person or body of persons (companies or organisations) must submit proof of full names, ID or business number and residential and postal address before any registering authority can issue a motor vehicle licence disc or operator card.

This new regulation will have a direct effect on:

  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a registered manufacturer, builder, or importer.
  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a title holder or owner of a registered motor vehicle.
  • The procedure for the change of particulars of a holder of a motor trade number.
  • The manner of notification of a new residential and postal address, specifically relating to driving licence holders.
  • The application for, and issue of, a traffic register number and certificate.

The new regulations will require each person to provide proof of particulars (full names and ID number) and residential and postal addresses for verification when there's a change of person particulars or change of address or with the first an application that's being made for a NaTIS service at a registering authority or driving licence testing centre.

List of Proof Documents 

Verification of Personal and Address Particulars In Terms Of Regulation 32a of the National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Proof of full names and ID or business number

Number Verification Documents
1 Temporary RSA identity certificate
2 RSA identity document (Green Book)
3 RSA identity card (Smart Card)
4 Valid RSA passport
5 Foreign country identity document
6 Traffic register number certificate (TRNC) issued by NaTIS in terms of the National Road Traffic Act: Provided that the TRN for a private individual must be accompanied by a valid source document in the form of an unexpired Refugee ID or Permit (DHA 1692, DHA 1693 or BI‐1707), foreignpassport and visitor's, work permit or study permit.
7 Certificate of incorporation or name change of a company 
8 Founding statement or certificate of name change of a close corporation    
Proof of address
Number Verification Documents Validity Period
1 Utility account (Water, Electricity, Sewerage or Refuse Removal) Not older than 3 months
2 Bank / Financial statement
3 Municipal rates and taxes invoice
4 Telephone account (landline or cell phone account)
5 Official correspondence from South African Revenue Services (SARS)
6 Correspondence from a Body Corporate or Share-Block Association
7 Retail store statement of account / invoice
8 Letter from the administration department for applicants living in any type of residence (e.g. a hostel or barracks)
9 Letter with an official date stamp from the educational Institution, or the residence, hostel or boarding house confirming student residence
10 Letter with an official date stamp from the Ward Councillor or Local Tribal Authority confirming the postal and residential address for an applicant who resides at an informal settlement or rural area
11 A mortgage statement from a Financial Institution  Not older than 6 months
12 A lease agreement (signed by both parties) Not older than 1 year
13 An official tax return / tax assessment
14 A recent short-term or long term insurance policy document or renewal letter
15 A valid television licence document

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