Permits for abnormal loads and vehicles


A permit is needed to transport abnormal loads and vehicles. The requirements for a permit depend on the size and nature of the load or vehicle.

The Western Cape Mobility Department has embarked on a digital platform to support the Transport Administration and Licensing unit via

Prior to being able to submit an application you will have to create an online account. Please find link on login screen as shown below.

abnormal loads screen 1.jpg

Post registration you will be able to login to your own portal and can proceed with application submission. Please note there is a help section with video tutorials guiding the process. See below.

Other conditions applying to a permit are stipulated on the permit itself and may include traffic assistance.

Applications can be made personally or through a consultant. Complete applications must be made sufficiently in advance of the intended travel date to allow for Departmental Review as well as review by other Road Authority/Agencies such as City of Cape Town and SANRAL as appropriate.  

Should you have any technical issues please direct your queries to:

The holder of the permit is required to adhere to various conditions.

For more information contact:

Transport Administration and Licensing Helpdesk
Tel: 021 483 2079/2075/2406/5397/4177
Twitter: @WCGov_Mobility

The fee structure for a permit for an abnormal vehicle or load and any traffic assistance is compiled by the electronic permit system. Quotes are available from the Transport Administration and Licensing Helpdesk.