Results of Provincial Traffic Services traffic operations - 20 to 26 September 2021

28 September 2021
Department of Transport and Public Works

Media Statement by Daylin Mitchell, Minister of Transport and Public Works

I am very disheartened to hear that 37 people died on our roads in the last week, 11 of them pedestrians. For many, this was a long Heritage Day weekend of joy with friends and family. For some it must have been a heart-rending experience as they received news of deaths and injuries to people they knew and loved.

Western Cape Traffic Law Enforcement made 18 arrests this week for driving under the influence and four for reckless and negligent driving. I commend the officers involved for their role in keeping the public safe by taking these dangerous drivers off the road. I also commend the officers who yesterday arrested a man and a woman at the Rietfontein fatigue operation in the Central Karoo in possession of 440 kg of dagga with a street value of R800 000. We will continue to make our roads safer, whether from drunk drivers, reckless drivers or those transporting prohibited freight. This is further proof that we will continue to make our roads safer whether taking illegal freight, reckless and drunk drivers off our roads.

My thanks to those of you who drove responsibly and considerately this week. I thank those officers of Provincial Traffic Law Enforcement who provided a 24/7 service to keep others safe. I also thank every other agency that played its part including, but not limited to the South African Police Service, municipal traffic services and emergency personnel.

We in the Department of Transport and Public Works are playing our part in keeping our roads safe, but we cannot do it alone. Buckle up, even on the shortest trip. Ensure that your seatbelt is secured across your hips, not your stomach. Make sure children are secured in an age-appropriate harness. Ensure your vehicle is roadworthy. Stick to the speed limit. Don’t drink and drive. Fatigue is a silent killer. Plan to take a rest break in a safe place every 200 km or 2 hours. Don’t allow your devices to distract you from keeping your full attention on the road. Keep observing COVID-19 safety protocols, especially if you use public transport.

Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services implemented a total of 146 integrated roadblocks, vehicle check point and speed control operations across the province in the week of 20 to 26 September 2021, and 20 874 vehicles were stopped and checked.

A total of 68 speeding offences were recorded and 3 256 fines were issued for various traffic violations ranging from driver to vehicle fitness in the total amount of R3 259 650.

Forty-one vehicles were impounded and 54 were discontinued for unroadworthiness.

The highest speeds recorded were as follows:

  • 154 km/h in a 120 km/h zone
  • 139 km/h in a 100 km/h zone
  • 104 km/h in a 80 km/h zone
Disaster Management Act

A total of three charges were laid under the Disaster Management Act and fines to the total value of R15 000 were issued.

National Road Traffic Act, Criminal Procedure Act, and Disaster Management Act regulations

A total of 35 arrests were made for the following offences:

  • 18 x driving under the influence of alcohol
  • 4 x reckless and negligent driving
  • 2 x goods overloading
  • 10 x possession of fraudulent documentation
  • 1 x bribery
Fatalities recorded between 20 and 26 September 2021

A total of 25 crashes occurred in the reporting period, and 37 fatalities were recorded:

  • 9 x drivers
  • 1 x motor-cyclists
  • 16 x passengers
  • 11 x pedestrians.

Media Enquiries

Jandré Bakker
Head of Communication
Department of Transport and Public Works