Minister Mitchell amends regulations to allow CATA and CODETA to load at Bellville PTI

6 August 2021
Department of Transport and Public Works

Media Release by Daylin Mitchell, Western Cape Minister of Transport and Public Works

Following further assessment of the safety situation and transport operations by the SAPS and various traffic authorities, as well as officials the Department of Transport and Public Works, I have amended my initial Notice published in Government Gazette dated 23 July 2021 (Notice 77 of 2021).

In terms of section 91(2) of the National Land Transport Act, the regulations empowered me to close Route B97 between Mbekweni and Bellville for all minibus taxi operations. Affected operating licences linked to this route have also been suspended.

Taxi ranks in the Mbekweni area as well as loading lanes allocated to CATA and CODETA-affiliated associations at the Bellville Public Transport Interchange (PTI) were closed since Monday, 26 July 2021.

Following the signing of an agreement by affected parties on Monday 2 August and a week of relative calm and peaceful operations at the interchange and on routes, it was agreed that all CATA and CODETA-affiliated associations would return to service and that operators will conduct their services with due regard to the rule of law and the safety of the public.

The situation was monitored for a number of days and the Department of Transport and Public Works as well as affected municipalities are satisfied that minibus-taxi services are operating normally and in adherence with the agreement.

In terms of the amended notice, the following will apply starting from today, Friday 6 August 2021:

  • All loading lanes at Bellville Public Transport Interchange will be re-opened on Friday 6 August 2021. Only the Paarl loading lane at the Bellville Long Distance Facility will remain closed for minibus-taxi operations;
  • All legal operators must forthwith load passengers at the Bellville rank. No loading will be allowed outside of this official facility. In other words, no illegal ranks may be created;
  • The ranks in Mbekweni remain closed for all minibus-taxi operations. Operators holding valid operating licences authorising services on routes to and from the Mbekweni ranks may continue to provide such services and may load and set down passengers along the route but may not enter the rank;
  • Route B97 (Mbekweni - Bellville) remains closed for all minibus-taxi operations. In terms of the regulations, it is an offence to provide services on this closed route and a fine of R5000 may be imposed. The vehicle will also be impounded. The B97 route authority has been suspended on affected operating licences. The holders may still provide services on other routes authorised by these operating licences;
  • It has come to our attention that certain operators have attempted to provide services on segments of the B97 route. This is also illegal in terms of the regulations and action will be taken against offending operators.

I have a duty to ensure provision of a public transport service that is safe and fully responsive to the needs of the citizens of the Western Cape.  

Government has an obligation to ensure that the rule of law prevails at all times.  We take this responsibility seriously and will not shy away from ensuring that the rule of law is not undermined. 

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