MEC Tertuis Simmers claims victory with uncontested approval of the Transport Infrastructure Bill

21 April 2023
Department of Infrastructure

On Thursday, 20th April, the Western Cape Legislature unanimously approved the Western Cape Transport Infrastructure Bill. The Provincial Minister of Infrastructure Tertuis Simmers successfully tabled the draft Bill which will now be sent to the Premier for approval.

The purpose of the Bill is to provide for the planning, declaration, design, construction, maintenance, control management, regulation, upgrading, and rehabilitation of roads, railway lines, and related transport infrastructure in the Western Cape, and related matters.

A delighted Provincial Minister Tertuis Simmers said; “the approval of this Bill will further accelerate public and private partnerships, as we seek to find alternative financing modules in infrastructure investment. It is with pride that I acknowledge the uncontested approval of the Bill. Increased and direct investment in transport infrastructure will further unlock economic opportunities with alleviation of blockages seen in the transportation of cargo and services in our province.”

 The Western Cape Transport Infrastructure Bill will further seek to enable:

  • The creation of a new legal framework that will enable the province to manage its provincial roadways, railway lines, and auxiliary infrastructure.
  • Collaboration between the Provincial Government and municipalities to manage road and transportation infrastructure projects.
  • The designation of provincial public transportation infrastructure, such as high-quality public transportation roadways for BRT-style systems and passenger or freight rail networks.
  • The management and approval of infrastructure-related operations.

 The success of the maiden Bill proposal sets the tone for the ambition and service delivery that the Department of Infrastructure is intent on providing for the citizens and sectors of the Western Cape.

Media Enquiries:

Ntobeko Mbingeleli

Spokesperson for Minister Tertuis Simmers

021 483 8067 (o)

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