Getting Children to School Safely

18 January 2024
Mobility Department

As schools reopened on 17 and 18 January this year, the Provincial Mobility Department Minister, Ricardo Mackenzie, attended various scholar transport enforcement operations as part of the Mobility Department's drive to ensure that all children get to school safely.  

At these operations in Firgrove, Rocklands and Tafelsig, Western Cape Provincial Traffic Officers and the Provincial Regulatory Entity (PRE) worked alongside the City of Cape Town to check operating licenses and vehicle and driver fitness. 

Minister Mackenzie emphasized that there are strict requirements for transporting learners. "To ensure that children are safe while travelling to school, transport operators must comply with these requirements. It is also important for parents and schools to understand the requirements and immediately report any concerns about unsafe or illegal transport operators,"

The operator must have a valid operating license for providing Learner Transport services and the driver must have a valid driving license and professional driving permit (PrDP). 

Only vehicles that comply with legislated safety standards and were manufactured after 1 September 2006 (except for the 2005 Toyota Quantum) may be used.  

Learners may not be transported on the back of a bakkie or light delivery vehicle.  

During the current financial year, Provincial Traffic Officers have conducted 314 operations targeting scholar transport, stopping and checking 13,282 vehicles, and issuing R3,571,850 worth of fines. These statistics demonstrate how enforcing scholar transport is an ongoing priority for us. 

In 2023, the PRE approved over 1,500 applications for operating licenses to transport learners. Our mission is to improve mobility in the Western Cape, and our teams work extremely hard to create an enabling environment for industry while ensuring safe and reliable transport for commuters. 

Officials are available to assist any operators with applications or compliance guidelines.

The PRE can be contacted on 021 483 0270, or in person at the Vangate Shared Service Centre in Athlone (office hours: 07h30 to 16h00).  


Rebecca Campbell 

Spokesperson for Minister Ricardo Mackenzie 

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