Department of Transport and Public Works at Global Design Thinking Conference

26 August 2021
Department of Transport and Public Works
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The Department of Transport and Public Works’ Government Motor Transport (GMT) will be participating in this year’s virtual Global Design Thinking Conference “Policy Innovation Lab – from local to global” on 2 September 2021.

Yasir Ahmed, GMT’s Chief Director, will be exploring the role of innovation, creativity and collaboration in the public sector at the event. He will be highlighting achievements which include the inclusion of five fully electric vehicles in the Western Cape Government fleet.

Online participation in the conference is free. The organisers are encouraging people from all over the world to tune in, finding more ways to make information and innovation more accessible even under the current constraints of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Register on the Global Design Thinking Alliance website and be part of understanding global and local issues, and more importantly, how we can better approach them for a more inclusive and sustainable future!