N2 Traffic Signals.jpg

Traffic signals on the N2, mainly between the N2/Sir Lowry's Pass intersection and the N2/Hlati intersection has been problematic for a considerable length of time leading to great frustration in the area.

This was due to an Eskom electricity supply issue that left the sites without power and vulnerable. Lead times in the restoration of electricity were often in excess of 6-weeks from fault reporting to power restoration.

Unfortunately significant vandalism/theft took place because the sites were without electricity for such an extended period of time.

Electricity has since been restored. On Saturday 3 June 2023 the project team inspected the traffic signals on sites along the N2 corridor (see locations below).

Herewith feedback on what was found during the latest inspections:

  • N2/M9/M165 Sir Lowry’s Pass Rd:
    • Controller completely vandalized:  Controller was made safe with strapping.
    • Stubby 3 opened and lid missing off site:  Stubby made safe.
    • Stubby 2 completely out of the ground:  Buried cables and removed stubby off site.
    • Pole 10 lanterns vandalized
    • Supply cable sparking in controller
  • N2/M161 Broadlands road/Mondeor rd:
    • Stubbies, poles, pole tops, and lanterns still intact.
    • Controller damaged.
  • N2/Onverwacht Rd:
    • Stubbies, poles, pole tops, and lanterns still intact.
    • Main supply (Distribution Board) on pole is damaged.
    • Controller damaged and missing.
  • N2/Hlati/Reunion
    • Poles and pole tops still intact.
    • 1 lantern loose on top.
    • Stubby 3 laying down due to people sitting on it.
    • Controller damaged (laying on site)
    • 8 pairs cut and attempt to also cut mains
    • Controller was removed from site to save it from being damaged further.
Status on approvals

All formal reports have been submitted today to enable permanent repairs. 

The project team requested controller documentation (configurations) from City of Cape Town to ensure the correct controllers are ordered. 

Action to try and minimize future occurrences:

Due to the extreme vandalism along this corridor more robust locking systems were approved to reduce damage to infrastructure. 

Additional findings/actions:

Where found/required, additional Eskom faults were also logged.