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The Western Cape Government (WCG) through its Department of Infrastructure (DOI) has appointed a multi-disciplinary team of built environment professionals to conduct various enablement and planning strategies and detailed studies to guide any future development explorations and secure appropriate development rights.
The Department and professional team have provided for public engagements and are committed to liaise with stakeholders and Interested and Affected Parties within this process to develop an inclusive vision for the future redevelopment of the 353 on Main site.
The 353 on Main site is situated at 353 Main Road in Sea Point and bordered by Main, Milner, The Glen, Herbert, and Heathfield Roads, just outside the City Central Business area. It is well located on a Bus-Rapid-Transit (BRT) and other forms of public transit routes (Main Road and High Level Road), which makes it accessible into the City CBD and surrounding areas, including getting onto the main Freeways out of Town.

It has been identified as a strategic property to address spatial transformation; and has the following positive qualities:

  • Within the Sea Point central business area,
  • Close proximity to City CBD
  • Accessible via various public transit forms via Main Road and High Level Road
  • Identified as a New Development Area and strategic site in the Table Bay District Spatial Development Framework
  • Various amenities within close proximity
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Conceptual vision and key drivers for redevelopment:

The project is currently in exploratory investigations stage to identify site and contextual informants, opportunities and constraints and will thereafter enter into stakeholder engagements where the public will receive notifications of sessions to attend to share information as well as to inform the vision and objectives for this site for the Professional Team and Department to consider.

The site is within an established urban area and previously accommodated a school and social rental housing. It has various split zonings; Transport Zone (TR2), General Business (GB5) and General Residential (GR4) in terms of the City of Cape Town Municipal Planning By-law 2015: Development Management Scheme (updated 2019).
The working concept vision for the Department and various other WCG Departments for discussion is as follows:

Preliminary Key Development Elements identified:

  • Spatial transformation
  • Re-activation of school facility as an urban public school
  • Respecting, incorporating and appropriately responding to heritage informants
  • Affordable housing element within a mixed-use setting
  • Self-sustaining development
  • Co-living
  • Balanced development
  • Shared facilities
  • Inclusive
  • Integrated
  • Vibrant
  • Creating value for the community
Stakeholder Engagement: Preliminary Public Participation Notifications and Information

A notice to call for registrations of Interested and Affected Parties has been released in various newspapers and on-site notices placed around the boundaries of the subject property.
A ‘Project Information Flyer’ which introduces the project, the project team and explaining the upcoming processes will be released to all registered I&APs and it is available for download below and knock-and-drop has been used for the immediate surrounding properties. Copies will also be available at local sub-council office and Colin Elgin Public Library.
For registration on the initial communication database, send an email to 353onMain@westerncape.gov.za  providing your name, email address, physical address, and organizational/institutional representation on or before 11 March 2024. You will be added to the communication database which will ensure that you are kept informed of project participation opportunities and project information.
There will be more opportunities for registrations as the process progresses. Updates and notices regarding future public engagements will be published on the webpage and registered interested and affected parties will also be notified.

Project Information
Notice calling for registrations of I&APs

For any enquiries we encourage the public to write to 353onMain@westerncape.gov.za