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8 Principles of Batho Pele

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A Visit to the Western Cape Provincial Parliament

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This illustrated guide is aimed at primary school learners and explains what parliament is and how it works.

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa

The Government of South Africa
South Africa's Constitution, as amended. This is the fundamental law of South Africa, setting out the Bill of Rights as well as the relationship of various government structures to each other.

Information on the Provincial Parliament

The Provincial Parliament is a public forum and it is important that the public is informed about the matters that are being debated in Parliament, the decisions that are made, and laws that are passed. People also need to understand how the parliamentary system works so that they can observe or participate in the process.

Provincial Gazettes 2006

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This publication contains Provincial Gazettes for 2006, sorted by month of publication.

Public Participation in Provincial Parliament

The public is encouraged to participate in the proceedings of the Provincial Parliament.   You can participate by: voting in the elections observing parliamentary proceedings making submissions or representations on draft legislation attending and participating in public hearings.

Reporting fraud and corruption

There are a different national and provincial institutions that handle government fraud and corruption. Each of these entities deal with specific kinds of cases:

RSA Government Retail Bonds

National Treasury launched RSA Retail Savings Bonds in 2004. The aim is to encourage households to start saving alongside business and government, while allowing investors to take control of their own savings portfolios, instead of investing through a third party.