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Child Grants 2004

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This brief publication provides information on all grants that are available for children including the child support grant, the care dependency grant and the foster care grant.

Combating Fraud and Corruption in the Social Security System

"Fraud Costs You Money. See it, Report it, Stop it!" Fraud and corruption in the social security system currently costs the government about R1, 5 billion each year. The Department of Social Development has launched an anti-corruption initiative to try and combat fraud in the welfare system.

Disability grants

If you’re permanently unable to work, or if you’re temporarily unable to work for longer than 6 months due to a physical or mental disability, you’re eligible to apply for a South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) disability grant.

Grant for Fostering a Child (Foster Child Grant)

A foster child is a child who is removed from their parents and legally placed in the care of foster parents, in terms of the Child Care Act. If you have been appointed a foster parent by a court, you can get a monthly payment from the government for your foster child. You (the foster parent) and the child must both be resident in South Africa at the time of making the application. However, you do not have to be South African citizens.

Social Relief of Distress Grant

Social Relief of Distress is a temporary grant of assistance intended for someone in desperate need. The grant helps those who are unable to provide for their, or their families', most basic needs. The grant may come in the form of a food parcel, a voucher or cash.

Social Services Helpline

  Citizens can contact the toll-free South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) Helpline on 0800 601 011 for queries relating to: pay-out dates qualifying criteria for all government grants District Offices' address and contact numbers help in following up grant applications calls relating to fraud (These cases are then forwarded to Internal Control for further investigation.)   The Call Centre operators can assist you in any of the eleven official languages.

Temporary Payment in a Crisis (Social Relief of Distress Award)

If you are unable to support your family's basic needs because of a crisis of a temporary nature, you can get a monthly payment for up to three months, called a social relief of distress award.   To qualify, you must not be getting money or any other form of help (such as food vouchers or food parcels) from any other organisation, and nor may anyone in your household already be receiving a grant. There are a number of situations which might qualify you for a social relief of distress award:

War Veteran's Grants

If you 60 years or over and you served in the First World War (1914-1918), Second World War (1939-1945) or the Korean War (1950-53), you may get a war veteran's grant. You must be a citizen of South Africa and living in South Africa at the time of applying for the grant. Only people whose financial situation is below a certain level can get the grant. The test to decide is called a means test. The means test changes every year and for the war veteran's grant and depends on your income, if you are not married and on the income of both you and your spouse if you are married.