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Export Incentives Information

The Directorate actively distributes information on export incentive programmes, particularly information on new national trade incentives. Some of the existing incentive schemes include: Export Marketing and Investment Assistance Scheme (DTI) Productive Asset Allowance (DTI) Finance - International Finance (IDC) Finance - SADC (IDC).

Information about National Incentives

The Directorate of Industry Development assists businesses in accessing information about national funding programmes. Some of these funds include: The Export Marketing & Investment Assistance Scheme (EMIA) Foreign Investment Grant (FIG). The Directorate also provides information about incentives for skills development.

Information on New Trade Agreements

When national government negotiates a new trade agreement, the Directorate of Industry Development distributes information about the agreement to exporters and other interested parties. In addition to providing written materials on the trade agreement, the Directorate also runs workshops.