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Tourist Guides

Contacts for the Tourist Guide Registration Office

Contact the Tourist Guide Registration Office to register, or re-register as a guide in the Western Cape.

Finding a Tourist Guide

If you are looking for a registered tour guide to show you around the Western Cape, you can search the Tour Guide database to find the perfect tour guide to match your needs.

Have you asked your Tourist Guide for their Card and Badge?

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This brochure gives a summary of the requirements for a legal tourist guide in South Africa, the regulations for tour operators and tourist guides, and key points from the tourist guide Code of Conduct and Ethics.

Registration as a Tourist Guide

All tourist guides need to register as a Tourist Guide (Tourism Act 3, 2014).

Tourism and Hospitality SETA (Theta)

Theta aims to: develop the skills of workers in the sector; increase the levels of investment in education and training in the tourism and hospitality sector; encourage employers in the sector to train their employees, provide opportunities for work experience and employ new staff; encourage workers to participate in learnership and other training programmes; improve the employment prospects of disadvantaged people; ensure the quality of education and training in and for the sector workplaces;

Tourism Second Amendment Act

No. 70 of 2000Department of Environmental Affairs (National) (The Government of South Africa)
This Act provides for the training and registration of tourist guides. It also provides for a code of conduct and ethics for tourist guides. It also regulates the procedure for lodging complaints, makes provision for the endorsement of certain registers and criminalises certain conduct.

Tourist Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics

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Tourist guides must sign the Tourist Guide Code of Conduct and Ethics as part of their official registration with the Department.