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Financial Support

The following financial institutions can be approached for financial support for businesses.



For detailed information on the following incentive programmes, download A Guide to the dti Incentive Schemes 2014/2015. You can also contact the DTI on 021 480 8059 or 012 394 1444.







Summary of Potential Assistance


Contact Details



National Empowerment Fund

1. Imbewu Fund - Offering debt, quasi-equity and equity finance of up to R20 million comprising of:

  • Entrepreneurship finance - Maximum funding of R5 million.
  • Procurement finance - Funding generally limited to R10 million.
  • Franchise finance - Funding generally limited to R5 million.
  • Rural and community development projects - Funding generally limited to R20 million.


2. Umnotho Fund - Fund is designed to improve access to BEE capital and has the following products:


  • Acquisition finance - Provides funding from R2 million to R75 million.
  • New venture financing - Capital of R5 million to R75 million.
  • Expansion capital - Funding of R5 million to R75 million.
  • Capital markets - Provides funding from R5 million to R75 million.
  • Liquidity and Warehousing - Provides funding from R5 million to R75 million.

Tel: (021) 431 4760
Call Centre:
0861 NEF WCP (0861 633 927)

Small Enterprise Finance Agency

Credit Indemnity Scheme - R10 000 to R3 million for start-ups or to expand small- to medium-sized businesses.

Enablis Acceleration Fund - Provides funding from R50 000 to R10 million. SMEs involved in all sectors - ICT, transport, tourism, agriculture, and service industry.

Khula Land Reform Empowerment Facility - Black farm workers or other black people who want to buy and own land for agricultural production purposes:

  • Maximum loan R10 million per project.
  • Maximum loan of R800 000 per black person participating in the project of up to R10 million.

Cape Capital Investment and Finance Co Ltd - Provides general finance, asset-based finance, trade, stock financing and related financing.

Enablis Khula Loan Fund - Provides predominantly ITC-focused SMEs access to funding to start and or expand businesses.

Anglo-Khula Mining Fund - Ranges between R1 million and R20 million per project; equity stake will not exceed 49% of the issued share capital of the investee company.

Tel: 021 418 0126

Anglo American

The Anglo American Sebenza Fund provides loan funding to new and existing businesses that wish to start/expand their operations.

The maximum repayment period is 5 years at a very competitive interest rate.

The fund provides post-funding business support services to the entrepreneur and his/her employees in the form of mentorship, skills development and training.

Portia Zilwa
Tel: 021 371 0168
Business Partners

Business finance - Minimum of R500 000 to R20 million maximum in all sectors to those formal small and medium businesses whose gross assets are under R100 million, where annual turnover does not exceed R200 million and/or employees are less than 500 in number.

Tel: 021 464 3600
(Cape Town)

Tel: 021 919 3242

Tel: 044 873 6112

National Youth Development Agency (NYDA)

SME funding - Maximum loan given is R350 000 towards purchasing equipment or stock for the business.

Micro-finance - Loans ranging from R1 000 to R100 000.

Tel: 021 415 2040
(Cape Town)

Industrial Development Corporation

Offers funding to businesses in manufacturing, ICT, tourism, agri-processing, media and motion, mining and minerals.

Minimum amount of R1 million - unlimited.

Tel: 086 069 3888

Identity Development Fund (IDF)

Offers business loans to women-owned business - Minimum amount of R250 000 and maximum of R3 million for up to five years.

Tel: 011 351 2910

New Business Finance

Working Capital and Asset Purchasing - Maximum amount of R250 000 to all businesses.

Bridging finance:

  • Minimum of R10 000.
  • Maximum amount of R250 000 to all businesses.

Transaction Finance:

  • Minimum of R10 000
  • Maximum amount of R250 000 to all businesses.

Tel: 021 671 6263

Masisizane Fund

Revolving production facility – seasonal crops between 36 and 60 months

Term Loans – maximum of 60 months

Working Capital – up to 36 months

Asset finance – up to 60 months or productive life of equipment

Contract Finance – linked to purchase orders or contracts

Quasi Equity – with clear defined exist

It is advised to consult with the Fund directly.

Tel: 021 509 5074

Micro Agriculture Finance Scheme of South Africa CASP Fund - Dependent on needs analysis.


Funding for small-scale emerging farmers.

Tel: 012 319 7263 /6825

Mafisa PDF Brochure

Tender Capital



We offer you quick and convenient financial assistance, to fund your Purchase Order.

Tender Capital funds Purchase Orders from Government Departments, Parastatals (e.g. Eskom) and multi-national private companies.

Minimum requirement is expenditure above R250 000.If the expenditure is below

R250 000, your company’s annual turnover should be above R1 000 000.


  • Building your reputation as a successful supplier

  • We provide process management, mentorship, advice, and assistance

  • Access to our vast network of reputable suppliers

  • Price and payment terms are negotiated with suppliers on your behalf

  • We carry the entire financial risk

  • Access to working capital, without having to provide security or collateral

  • Access to our team of experts, at no further expense

  • Rapid expansion of your business without financial constraint

Obligation free proposal
Tel: (021) 830-5315/7
087 550 1592


Tender Capital



Absa Bank It is advised to consult with the bank directly.

Tel: 0860 008 600

Standard Bank It is advised to consult with the bank directly.

Tel: 0860 123 000

First National Bank It is advised to consult with the bank directly.

Tel: 0860 112 244

Nedbank It is advised to consult with the bank directly. Tel: 021 416 6000


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