Minister Maynier speaks at the 2019 IATA Slot Conference | Western Cape Government

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Minister Maynier speaks at the 2019 IATA Slot Conference

19 June 2019

Let me begin, by extending a formal and warm welcome to all of you attending this reception and networking event ahead of the 144th International Air Transport Association Slot Conference, here in the City of Cape Town.

And, for those of you who may be visiting us here, close to the tip of Africa, for the first time, let me extend a special welcome to you, to the City of Cape Town, to the Western Cape Province, and to South Africa.

We are proud of our award-winning airport, and our conference venue, in the City of Cape Town.

And, we are especially proud of our award-winning air access team, who many of you will have met and interacted with, and who have done such great work launching new routes, and expanding existing routes, and growing seat capacity numbers, at Cape Town International Airport.

In just three years, Cape Town Air Access, which is an award-winning partnership between government and the private sector, has:

  • assisted in launching 15 new routes and 18 route expansions;

  • introduced new airlines including Rwanda Air, Austrian Airlines and Cathay Pacific; and

  • will introduce another new airline - United Airlines - which will fly non-stop between New York and Cape Town, starting on 15 December 2019.

We estimate that the contribution to direct tourism spending due to additional direct flights amounts to about US$ 400 million over the past three years in the Western Cape.

We have shown that expanding air connectivity, has expanded opportunity for people, and expanding opportunity for people, has given hope to people, especially young people, who do not have jobs, or have given up looking for jobs, in the Western Cape.

So, the work they have done, and the work you do, and the work you will be do, presumably, at this conference, has made, and can make, a real difference in people’s lives.

I would like to conclude by:  

  • thanking the association for deciding to host this conference in the City of Cape Town; and

  • wishing all of you a good night and a good 114th International Air Transport Association Slot Conference, in the City of Cape Town.

Thank you.

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