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Address to Taxi Industry

26 October 2011

I want to say a very special thank you to the Executive of Santaco in the Western Cape. I would like to thank you in your personal capacities because of the courage you have shown over the past few years. At the time you decided to bring everyone in the industry into one house there were many within your respective ranks that were against it completely, but you still had the courage to go ahead and do it anyway.

Out of that courage arose this commemoration here in Delft today. And I don't think there has been a meeting like this one in all the history of the Western Cape.

The people are here to celebrate peace and it is a pleasure and an honour to celebrate peace with you.

But it is important to remember who you are and what you represent - every day you and your staff transport over 300 000 Capetonians to work and back. In many parts of the Western Cape you are often the only public transport there is.

After agriculture you are the second biggest industry and employer in the Western Cape.

But most importantly this industry was built by those who had nothing but hope and hard work. People who asked for nothing except fair play and a place in the sunshine from which to operate their businesses.

You are an industry that has shown what can be achieved with only determination and the will to succeed.

The Western Cape Government wants to see this industry grow in wealth and sophistication.

For our part, my Department will continue to be honest with you at all times, to create an environment of trust that is fair and corruption-free. My administration will offer that to you as the most important aspect of our work.

This kind of event to commemorate those that died in the Taxi Wars is crucial for you to grow into a greater and greater industry.

It is exciting to see you diversifying into aeroplanes and I can't help but wonder whether you have considered trains at all.

Stability and peace needs recognition that we are one family, not bosses and lords, but one family.

Thinking back to (Minister lists names of taxi industry members he knew personally over the years and who died in the Taxi Wars), I can only say that my wish today is that I will never again have to attend the funeral of a person in the industry who died by violence.

My wish for all of you is that you will grow old and grow rich from wonderful businesses and die in your beds.

I thank you.

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