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SA’s new Apprenticeship of the 21st Century (A21) dual system







Post - event Information 

Videos: The Implentors: The A21 Dual system for Business and TVET Colleges

Presentation: A21 COS Information sheet


Photo gallery of group discussion


Problem Statement

Prevailing practice in South Africa is that government and/or the education and training fraternity lead the development of education, training and development (including the A21).

This creates a supply driven skills development sytem that needs to be converted to a deman-driven skills development system by employers taking ownership and leadership. 

Discussion leaders     

Ian Merrington (CiTi) and Florus Prinsloo (DEDAT)   

Consider this:     


How do we identify what limits hinders employers in this regard? 


How do we address the problem of slow employer uptake?


What progress has been made - what best practice does exists? What examples which can be used to inspire?

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