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How business can partner with the YES 4 Youth initiative



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Problem Statement

There is a limited understanding by employers in general of the benefits of the revised BBBEE codes and the YES initiative. There is limited capacity in the province that can explain the benefits and implementation of the YES campaign to employers. 

Discussion leaders

Jenny Cargill (Dept of Premier)

Luvuyo Mkangelwa (DEDAT)

Safiyya Patel (Webber Wentzel)

Jo-Ann Johnston (DEDAT)

Consider this:


To enhance the understanding of the BBBEE codes and the YES Programme - the benefits and the synergies - how both initiatives can be used to benefit the employer.


To correct the perception that the YES campaign is an alternative to other work place based initiatives; this conversation may address the inertia in taking in learners. 


How can we find a way to persuade companies to be more open to place learners where grants and subsidies are not made available?

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The content on this page was last updated on 3 April 2019