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GoDigital Articles are well packaged informative articles and related content to assist businesses with practical advice, tips and tools on participating in the digital economy, moving your business online and adopting digital technologies. 

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Image 1e-Commerce in South Africa and the Western Cape

The face of business and world of work are changing rapidly and more businesses are adopting digital technologies to sell their products and services online. Both formal and informal businesses gain enormous benefits by digitising operations to improve efficiencies, increase productivity and reach new markets.

This article provides insights into what e-Commerce is, explaining the concept and introducing some of the more common concepts, plus identifying the advantages and disadvantages of taking a business online.




Laptop with small boxes and a credit card

Considerations before starting an e-Commerce business

e-Commerce is a booming online market segment, as millions of people are becoming more and more confident shopping online for goods and services. The Boston Consulting Group estimates online marketplaces will create around 3 million new jobs across Africa by 2025. This provides a massive and growing window of opportunity to any business of any size. Before diving right in, it is advisable to consider a few important points to ensure you are better prepared to embark on this exciting journey.

This article provides key guidance on the considerations before taking your business online and embracing e-Commerce.




Two ladies working in a clothing shop

Types of e-Commerce business models

Before selecting an e-Commerce platform to reach and expand markets, it is worth considering the various business models available to connect buyers and sellers. Having a better understanding of each model’s mechanics will assist with making the correct choice to best position your business for optimal growth.

This article introduces and explains the main options, being business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C), customer to customer (C2C), customer to business (C2B) and government to business (G2B).



picture of hand holding a cellphoneHow to use social media to sell online

Social Media has evolved with exponential reach in audiences and now provides prime platforms to create an online marketplace for any business (formal/informal), of any size, in any location to market and sell their products and services. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and WhatsApp are amongst the most popular, reaching millions of users who are becoming more confident shopping online.

This article provides practical guidance and tips to create a business profile and start marketing and selling online.




Cellphone with whatsapp iconSelling with WhatsApp

Having an online business presence is catalyst to accessing, influencing and engaging with customers through a convenient channel. This is pivotal as any business is operating in an increasingly competitive and ever-expanding global market. WhatsApp has a global user base of people communicating daily, providing an already highly engaged user base.

This article provides practical steps to create a Business WhatsApp profile to start promoting your products and services through catalogs, automated messages, easy communication and a personalized customer management tool.




Picture of a laptop on a deskHow to set up a basic website

Creating a simple customer-friendly website could be the tipping point for a start-up and growing business. Millions of people are browsing the internet constantly and ensuring your business has an online presence may expand your markets beyond any traditional limiting boundary. The website design software is well evolved and puts the creation of impressive websites in the hands of entrepreneurs.

This article provides basic instructions to start building your business’ webpages for a meaningful website experience.




online shopping

Online payment methods

Running an e-Commerce business will require a payment system that accepts electronic payments for online transactions. Customers look for preferred and trusted methods of payments to purchase online, otherwise they typically abandon the sale.

Find out more about the benefits, preferred payment methods for digital purchases and online payment gateways by reading this article.





Laptop with image of couch, notebook and pen, cellphone and cup of coffeeUnderstanding digital marketing

Businesses need to market and advertise constantly to generate new leads, sign up new customers and drive sales to survive and thrive! This involves planning and implementing the activities that bring buyers and sellers together. Digital marketing is simply done online through electronic devices to create brand awareness and capture customers' attention to purchase.

This article helps distinguish between the digital marketing channels and types of advertising available to reach your target market. Learn how easy it is to use social media ads through Facebook and YouTube.



Man with shopping bags

Importance of customer relationship management in e-Commerce

Keeping customers happy is fundamental for any business to succeed and proper customer relationship management (CRM) planning and execution is critical to manage interactions with existing customers and attract prospective customers. CRM directly impacts profit margins and business sustainability.

This article breaks down some of the myths of CRM and provides some easy tips and ideas to put a practical CRM plan together to get the results you need.





Lady sitting infront of laptop

Running a business remotely

The traditional workplace has been shaken up and more people are working from home, also known as telecommuting, teleworking or remote working. Digitisation and connectivity have provided access to just about anything with anyone, anywhere. Running a remote business requires rethinking in terms of planning and management and offers various flexible options such as full time, part-time or rotational.

This article covers more on this topic, provides insights into the benefits and risks of working remotely, and guidance on managing staff.




Laptop with images of people

The basics of virtual meetings

Communicating and engaging with customers, suppliers and staff through online conference platforms has become the norm in 2020, improving operational efficiencies and reducing the logistical complexities that go with arranging traditional meetings.

This article shares some of the more popular platforms used for virtual meetings and online conference calling such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Skype. Easy and useful steps and preparation tips are provided to ensure maximum benefits.




Cyber security

Understanding cyber security 

Cyber security is hugely significant as more individuals and businesses use the internet and technology to transact. Sensitive and private information is vulnerable to potential misuse with nasty consequences.

This article provides insight into what cyber security is and why it is important. Some of the most common types of cyberthreats are explored such as hacking, phishing, malware, spam and others, together with providing the basic protection principles.




robot_hand_and_human_hand_touching.pngHow artificial intelligence and robotics is transforming business

Artificial intelligence (AI) is around us in ways we may not realize, actively impacting our lives and business each time we interact with technology, social media or the internet. Artificial intelligence and robotics are evolving at a rapid rate providing new opportunities and possibilities to empower our lives and create efficiencies in the workplace.

This article helps to demystify this field, explain the benefits and share examples of how AI and robotics are transforming sectors and livelihoods.




Gig Economy and Freelancing

The changing nature of work (gig economy and freelancing) 

The combination of a more digitized workplace and people looking for flexibility has opened a new economy, the gig economy, providing alternative ways of working. Freelancing is becoming more popular allowing self-employed or highly skilled individuals to participate in various work for different companies.

This article provides more context and insight into this unique and increasing work phenomenon.





Guide to exploring freelancing

A guide to exploring  gig economy and freelancing Opportunities

Freelancing is an upward trend as a work choice, providing the freedom and flexibility that many individuals seek.

This article provides ideas, opportunities and more information on digital freelancing platforms across various sectors such as professional and creative services, maintenance services, micro jobs, driving and courier services, hospitality, beauty and many others.





Applying online for funding

Getting funding in a digital world

Funding is the lifeline for any business and access to funding is a fundamental obstacle to the survival and growth of SMMEs. Entrepreneurs require financial assistance for various reasons such as start-up capital, cash flow assistance, expansion funding or others, and may not always know where to find it.

This article provides information on the many private and public organizations, as well as digital tools, that offer financial support.





Hand holding a cellphoneJump for entrepreneurs

Jump for entrepreneurs is a vendor-agnostic digital platform to support the efforts of entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes, formal or informal, across the province. This innovative tool offer solutions to some of the most common issues experienced by entrepreneurs and businesses as they start, grow and scale their companies.

This article provides more information on the unique tools, features, services and digital ecosystem that are accessible from the palm of your hand.



Laptop - learning onlineBootstrap your knowledge and learn online

Knowledge is more accessible than ever and literally available anytime and anywhere, at the click of a button. The internet provides an endless range of diverse e-learning courses, platforms, webinars, articles and other resources, to help any business owner sharpen their skills in an ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

This article provides a summary of the benefits of learning online as well as guidance on how to get started and what is required to get the most out of the learning journey.




Building blocks with words written on themIntroduction to POPI 

The POPI Acts sets out the minimum standards required for any organisation accessing and ‘processing’ personal information belonging to someone else such as their name, surname, identity number, contact number, financial or any other information unique to an individual.  Companies have until 1 July 2021 to get their systems and processes in place to safeguard personal information of others or face potential hefty fines and imprisonment.

This article provides an overview of the impact of the Act, the responsibilities of the business and steps towards being POPIA compliant.



Computer mouse connected to the world

Broadband internet choices for SMMEs

Given all the advantages for businesses to trade online and make use of the multitude of online services, the ability to do this is under pined by the need to have reliable and cost-effective Internet access.

To help make the right broadband choice for your business, this article explains general concepts such as fixed, wireless, broadband speed and internet service provider. It also provides information on the types of broadband services available in the market in South Africa such as ADSL, optical fibre, WI-FI and fixed wireless to ensure that the speed and data meets your business requirements.




Office workstation

How to plan for business growth

During the current turbulent economic climate, businesses are being forced to re-assess their operating models and pivot business practices to create stability and long-term sustainability. A well formulated game plan is required to support business growth over the next 6 to 12 months (at least). Most reasons to develop a growth plan include market penetration, market expansion, product expansion, diversification or mergers/acquisitions.

This article provides guidance and useful tips to develop a solid growth plan to take your business to the next level and thrive.




Re-imagining the possible—Natalia Rosa, Director of Big Ambitions, shares her story of business transformation under COVID-19

In the spirit of celebrating Women’s Month in South Africa and sharing business transformation stories under the COVID-19 pandemic, this article provides key insights into Natalia Rosa’s (Director of Big Ambitions) business journey. She shares details of the seismic shift undertaken to re-imagine and re-invent the purpose of her business and her learnings from crafting a new direction to remain sustainable.




Laptop and tabletWork smarter using digital productivity tools

There are many digital tools to help business owners operate more effectively in a virtual, e-Commerce or digital space. These easy to use tools are designed to make our working lives easier and increase productivity, improve time management and reduce costs. Many disciplines require tools to work smarter such as communication, collaboration, managing and organizing tasks.

This article covers the benefits of using digital productivity tools and provides more information on some creative tools such as Monday.com, Slack, Grammarly, Evernote, Hootsuite and Toggl.




Man and Lady holding a big cardboardJade Wyngaardt aka ‘The Digital Warrior’, Co-Founder of Click Digital Africa shares her moving story of triumph and hope in overcoming unimaginable odds.

On the back of celebrating Women’s Month in South Africa and sharing business transformation stories under the COVID-19 pandemic, Jade provides a moving account of her brave journey. She shares her courage and determination in starting a business in the digital space while facing a battle for her life, in the hope of inspiring others to follow their passion and never give up.


Hands holding money and a globe


Crowdfunding - an alternative funding option

Accessing funding is a challenge for most businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic has put huge pressures on the funding system, and public and private funding organisations have been inundated with requests, relief funds are over-subscribed, and many businesses (majority micro/informal) lack the pre-requisites to qualify for funding. Crowdfunding is an alternative, relatively new and growing method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers and/or individual investors.

This article provides insights into the world of crowdfunding, the benefits, types and platforms to consider to best position your fundraising campaign to achieve its goals.




guy_sitting_at_a_desk_with_virtual_reality_glasses_on.pngConnect with customers using Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Restricted movements have propelled people into using technology like never before, working and shopping in the virtual realm. Experiencing products and services online from a 360-degree perspective or in an immersive environment, is becoming more popular and an innovative way for businesses to reach customers. Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology are on the rise and can be used for selling and marketing your products and services.

This article introduces the benefits, technical aspects of AR and VR, as well as some practical application examples of this novel technology.


Stacked gift boxes


Preparing your business for an outstanding holiday season

The holiday season is around the corner, which requires focused business planning and preparation to boost sales and extend brand awareness. This is usually the busiest time of the year for most businesses and many customers have already started their festive season browsing and shopping. Planning well ahead and monitoring progress with the involvement of your staff will give you a leading edge.

This article provides 10 simple steps to help craft your business holiday plan, stay organized and ensure you achieve the goals you set out.



Disclaimer: There are many website and Internet resources available and this article is by no means exhaustive. The information, company and brand names of many products and services are mentioned, without their express permission, and other companies and brands are available. The intent of providi ng this information is to inform the public and business communities, thereby driving digital adoption. Their understanding is greatly appreciated. Any mention of a specific company/ business is not an explicit endorsement by the WCG.

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