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Economic Sector Support: Tourism Safety: Safety Tips




The Tourism Safety and Support unit assist international tourists in distress by: 

Providing emotional support & hospital visits

Contacting family & friends

Making logistical arrangements

Facilitating emotional trauma counselling

Facilitating with embassies and consulates for passports 

What we don't offer:

Financial assistance

Replacing lost items

Providing medical attention

Compensating for loss

Offering legal advise 


For assistance contact us:

Neo Mocumi: 082 554 2010 or 072 447 1504 (Tourism Safety Officer for Cape Town, Overberg, Winelands and West Coast)

Ilze Jacobs: 082 972 2507 (Tourism Safety Officer for Garden Route and Karoo)





  • Don't allow anyone to distract you or assist you when using an ATM.
  • An ATM machine DOES NOT issues permits or tickets for anything. You do not need a permit to walk in the streets.
  • Store emergency numbers on your phone and make sure its fully charged before you leave your hotel.
  • Don't leave valuables such as laptops, bags or jackets in the car. Always lock your belongings in the boot and out of sight.
  • When visiting a restaurant don't leave cellphones and wallets on tables or on the floor, especially while sitting outside. Leave bags where you can see them.
  • Avoid carrying all your valuables (including your passport) and large sums of cash in your purse.
  • Don't allow your bank card to be removed from your sight when paying.
  • Support a charity or shelter rather than give money to homeless people. Contat police or a private security guard if you feel harassed by beggars.
  • Be careful of car-jamming. Always check that the car doors are locked.
  • Do not feed wildlife and always maintain a safe distance from baboons - they can be dangerous.
  • Never hike alone. No matter which route you take. Always carry sufficient water and protect yourself from the sun. Stick to demarcated paths.
  • Never swim alone and always swim in areas that are supervised by a lifeguard.


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Any emergency from a mobile: 112 

(Fire/Rescue/Medical/Ambulance/Law Enforcement)

Any emergency from a landline:107

(Fire/Rescue/Medical/Ambulance/Law Enforcement)

South African Police Service: 10111

Wilderness Search  & Rescure: 021 937 0300

NSRI Sea Rescue: 087 094 9774

Rape Crisis Line: 021 447 9762



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