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Economic Sector Support: Tourism Planning

Economic sector support

Tourism Planning


What is Tourism Planning?

Tourism planning is the process of considering the needs of people planning a trip and using those factors to determine the best resources, programs and activities for their trip.  Tourism planning is intended for local residents and businesses of the location, as well as tourists who travel there.

Who are we?

The Tourism Planning unit is responsible for developing and coordinating the strategic agenda for the tourism industry in the Western Cape.




Key Programmes and Initiatives

The unit is also responsible for the following key programmes and initatives:

Tourism Blueprint 2030

The Tourism Blueprint 2030 is the Western Cape's destination management and marketing framework, which aims to build a sustainable visitor economy that has a positive impact on job creation, local investment, infrastructure and citizen pride in the Province, The tourism sector has long been the backbone of the Western Cape economy, supporting thousands of direct and indirect jobs thanks to millions of tourists who flock to the region annually to enjoy our unique experiences and wide-open spaces.  A long-term growth strategy was needed to support recovery of the sector while also providing a vision for the future of tourism in the Western Cape.

Tourism Dashboard

The development and launch of a Tourism Dashboard.

Tourism Sector Brief

A detailed analysis of the Tourism sector providing a value chain analysis for both economic recovery and economic growth purposes.

Tourism Infrastructure Framework

To understand tourism infrastructure requirements and how infrastructure can be used, as an accelerator to support and stimulate tourism recovery and growth. Also, to track and coordinate work being done by various bodies in the province in respect to tourism infrastructure.

Western Cape Tourism Act

To develop a draft Western Cape Tourism Act.


Our Team


For more information on the Tourism Planning unit, please contact:

Riana Meyer

Deputy Director

Zubeida Ben-Davids

Assistant Director



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