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Economic Sector Support: Boosting Exports


Boosting Exports


Why buy from the Western Cape?

The Western Cape business environment is diverse with strong export opportunities in various sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, agri-business, furniture and information and communication technology (ICT). Foreign buyers requiring quality goods and services in diverse sectors in the Western Cape can expect competitive pricing, preferential bilateral and international trade agreements to facilitate greater trade opportunties.

Want to buy from the Western Cape?

The Cape Trade Portal is a trusted virtual marketplace, connecting buyers across the globe to Cape Town and Western Cape sellers. Explore the diversity of quality goods and services, right here.

Why export from the Western Cape?

Western Cape-based businesses seeking to grow their businesses can do so by exporting into the rest of Africa and internationally.  By exporting, businesses are able to increase their revenue, reach a large number of new customers in international markets, achieve economies of scale and offset seasonality.  It also provides an opportunity to reach diverse markets and drives innovation and competitiveness.

Want to export from the Western Cape?

The Western Cape’s diverse economy, strong skills base and well-connected infrastructure present many opportunities for foreign buyers seeking high-quality goods and services. Read more here.


Who are we?

The Export Development activities within the Department Economic Development and Tourism(DEDAT) supports various activities that will increase  the Western Cape's global competitiveness in relation to export activities. In addition the programme aims to increase global trade of goods and services which will directly impact economic growth and job creation within the Western Cape. To support the export activities, critical capabilities need to be in place within the Western Cape which includes: 

  • Infrastructure planning and investment
  • Policy and research
  • Ease of doing business
  • Export development training
  • Addressing trade barriers
  • Sectoral value chain development 

DEDAT is supported by Wesgro in relation to export promotion activities.

Our Services

In order to boost exports our services include the following;



Key Programmes and Initiatives

Current Initiatives by Wesgro and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDAT) includes the following:

1. Export Strategy

The Western Cape requires an export strategy to be developed to inform the export development and promotion activities for the next 5 years. This will inform both the activities of the Department and Wesgro as the agency responsible for trade promotion. This process will be conducted in-house between DEDAT and Wesgro. The aim of the strategy is to provide a clear approach to increase the export capacity and trade activity within the Western Cape. 

2. Cape Trade Portal

A web-based application providing visitors and users with a range of export-related solutions and support. 

3. Trade Barrier IQ

Identification of barriers per commodity/market.

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Our Team

For more information boosting exports, please contact:               western_cape_today_4.png                                                                                                        

Ilse van Schalkwyk

Chief Director

O21 483 9494

Goodwell Dingaan


021 483 9315

Riana Meyer

Deputy Director

021 483 9083




The content on this page was last updated on 27 February 2023