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Early Childhood Development Services


Early Childhood Development services means services intended to promote early childhood development; and are provided by a person, other than a child’s parents or caregiver, on a regular basis to children up to school-going age. These include in centre services (Partial Care facilities) and out of centre programmes and services that include home visiting programmes, playgroups, toy libraries and space based ECD programmes.

ECD Partial Care is a service where a person takes temporary care of more than 6 children during specific hours of the day or night. Any person providing an ECD Partial Care service must register with the Department of Social Development.

Unethical training planned and/or facilitated by members of the ECD sector on Covid-19

State of readiness for Re-opening of Partial Care services

Vangasali Campaign

How to register an ECD Partial Care facility

A registered early childhood development facility ensures that my child has access to specific services

How to register an ECD Partial Care programme

Funding of ECD services

Registration of After School Care Services

How to register an After School Care Service

Funding of After School Care Services

Monitoring and Evaluation of ECD services



The content on this page was last updated on 25 June 2020