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Dashtech (also known as X-tech)  

Sector-specific Technology Hubs and Ecosystems 

The Dash-Tech initiative aims to capitalise upon the burgeoning start-up culture in the region by optimising the local enabling environment so that the Western Cape becomes the leading African technology hub and a driver of economic growth and employment.

The initiative aims to enable the establishment, setup and operationalisation of specialised technology-based ecosystems and incubator hubs, each focused on a key economic sector to maximise the opportunity for innovation, economic growth and job opportunities across the value-chain.


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The Digital Economy team has previously focussed on the Ed-Tech and Safety-Tech sectors, but will be expanding its support to the wider tech ecosystem through three key interventions:

  1. Creating platforms for diverse stakeholders to strengthen partnerships, foster collaboration and nurture innovation, thereby improving product development and opening new markets and supply-chains.
  2. Implementing projects that fill structural gaps in the ecosystem, from sources of funding to the quality and quantity of start-ups and the efficacy of incubators and accelerators.
  3. Leveraging partnerships with National and Local Government to address regulatory issues affecting competitiveness in the tech ecosystem.


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