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Creating stronger partnerships between schools and business



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Beyond classroom walls 

Preparing learners for the 21st Century 

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Problem Statement 

The focus of this group is to create a value chain and pipeline to meet the future needs of business through an integrated focus on education.

Discussion leaders: 

Chantal Butler (Woolworths), Brian Schreuder (WCED) and Pieter Twine (Woolworths)

Consider this:


What are the needs for the current apprenticeship model and how can we help schools equip learners to make the right subject choices so young people can follow a career path through an apprenticeship?


How does businesses work with and support schools in a way that addresses work readiness and employability among high school youth.


How does business communicate it's future skills' needs to schools and the education department?


How does business address the skills challenge in partnership with education dept.? How do the two entities collaborate to ensure future skills' needs are communicated widely?


How does business engage with schools differently  to create a culture of career knowledge in schools that enable informed career choices?


How does the education department raise the status of the LO in schools - and enable greater awareness to help learners make the right career choice? How do we change the "input" system?


Do we know what the current issues are and what is needed for the future in terms of skills?


The content on this page was last updated on 3 April 2019