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COVID-19 Circulars

H27/2020 COVID-19: People Management Response to COVID-19
H32/2020 COVID-19: Managing isolation health care waste
H33/2020 COVID-19: Managing linen exposed to patients
H34/2020 COVID-19: Ordering procedure PPE from CMD
H35/202 COVID-19: Guideline for PPE use
H38/2020 COVID-19: Compensation for occupationally acquired COVID-19 
H39/2020 COVID-19: Treatment Guidelines update version 3
H41/2020 COVID-19: Management of decedents
H42/2020 COVID-19: Clozapine monitoring during pandemic
H43/2020 COVID-19: PPE guideline for non-healthcare sectors
H45/2020 COVID-19: Clarity on previous People Management Responses
H46/2020 COVID-19: Cloth masks guidance
H47/2020 COVID-19: Engaging IMLCs at institutional level 
H48/2020 COVID-19: Short dated stock of medicine
H49/2020 COVID-19: Managing deceased non healthcare setting
H50/2020 COVID-19: Risk Assessment for Vulnerable Staff
H51/2020 COVID-19: Prevention within other essential services
H52/202 COVID-19: EMS Staff Protection
H53/2020 COVID-19: Disciplinary action during lockdown period
H54/2020 COVID-19: Donate to solidarity fund
H55/2020 COVID-19: replaces H08 Suspension of Methylphenidate
H56/2020 COVID-19: Cleaning & Disinfectant Guideline
H57/2020 COVID-19: Hospital Patient Administration (revision of H40)
H58/2020 COVID-19: Occupational Health & Safety Policy
H60/2020 COVID-19: Capture & reporting CST referrals
H61/2020 COVID-19: Information Management
H62/2020 COVID-19: Elective surgery during pandemic
H63/2020 COVID-19: Strategic Framework for employee safety
H64/2020 COVID-19: Risk management for asthma patients
H67/2020 COVID-19: Palliative Care Statement & Plan
H68/2020 COVID-19: Health system strategy
H69/2020 COVID-19: Primary Health Care preparedness
H70/2020 COVID-19: Preventing and Managing Coronavirus in the Workplace
H74/2020 COVID-19: Antibiotic selection and Dosing for Empiric treatment of UTI
H75/2020 COVID-19: Operationalisation of Isolation and Quarantine facilities
H77/2020 COVID-19: Prevention & management in healthcare facilities
H79/2020 COVID-19: Clinical Guidelines Palliative Care
H81/2020 COVID-19: Guidance for Emergency Centres
H82/2020 COVID-19: Specimens for laboratory investigations
H83/2020 COVID-19: COVID critical care triage and decision tool
H84/2020 COVID-19: PACK for PHC professionals
H85/2020 COVID-19: fingerprints of decedents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
H88/2020 COVID-19: Guidelines for acute hospital admission
H89/2020 COVID-19: replaces H84 PACK for PHC
H91/2020 COVID-19: Alternative to nebulisers during COVID-19
H96/2020 COVID-19: Utilization of 2019 Annual Leave
H99/2020 COVID-19: PACK – Home
H102/2020 COVID-19: Population data
H105/2020 COVID-19: Deviation disclosing financial interests
H106/2020 COVID-19: SPMS Process Update 
H108/2020 COVID-19: Practice of healthcare safely posters
H109/2020 COVID-19: Activation of digital COVID-19 Track
H110/2020 COVID-19: Guidance for WC Emergency Centres
H114/2020 COVID-19: FAQ Individual Risk Assessment
H117/2020 COVID-19: Introduction of Tetanus Toxoid Vaccination
H118/2020 COVID-19: Intrapartum Care Guideline
H119/2020 COVID-19: Maternal and Perinatal Death Review
H125/2020 COVID-19: Guidance on Palliative and End-of-life Care
H126/2020 COVID-19: Guideline for Healthcare Food Service
H127/2020 COVID-19: Amended Guideline Management & Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
H128/2020 COVID-19: New Formulation – Lopinavir Ritanovir
H129/2020 COVID-19: Revised Composition of Background Regimen (DS-TB)
H131/2020 COVID-19: Transfer Process Public to Private Sector
H132/2020 COVID-19: Order Procedure of Items from CMD
H134/2020 COVID-19: Allowing Partners to be Present During Labour
H136/2020 COVID-19: Routine Data Collection Tools FY 2020
H142/2020 COVID-19: Changes to the Healthcare Form FY 2020
H144/2020 COVID-19: Issuing Death Notification Forms in Natural Death
H145/2020 COVID-19: Checklist for Unnatural Deaths
H146/2020 COVID-19: Admission Requirements of Decedents of Unnatural Causes

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