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Work, Study and Other Permits


Before you can enter South Africa, you need to have a visa. At the port of entry, your visa will be replaced with a temporary residence permit which states how long you may stay and for what purpose. You need to apply for specific visas before you come to the country.

There are various types of visas, depending on why you want to come to the country:

  • visitors visa - for people visiting South Africa.
  • diplomatic visa - for diplomats.
  • study visa - for people wanting to study in South Africa.
  • treaty visa - temporary residence permits for people who need to be in South Africa in terms of an international treaty.
  • business visa - for people who want to invest or buy into a business into South Africa.
  • crew visa - for ship's crews.
  • medical treatment visa - a three-month permit for people seeking medical treatment in South Africa.
  • relatives visa - for people with South African relatives.
  • retired person visa - for people who have a fixed retirement income from their country of origin.
  • exchange visa - for people participating in cultural, economic or social exchange programmes.

You are not permitted to study on a work visa, and vice versa.

You can't enter the country until you have the valid visa attached to your passport, unless you already have a visa and you want to change it to another one.

Permit applications are governed by the Immigration Act, 2002.
The objectives of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002), which was implemented on 7 April 2003, include:

  • Facilitating and simplifying the issuance of permits.
  • Regulating the influx of foreigners by facilitating foreign investment and attracting skilled and qualified foreigners to South Africa.
  • Promoting tourism to South Africa.

The Act and Regulations are comprehensive in so far as the requirements to obtain a residence permit are concerned.

Work Visa

There are different types of work visas:

  • quota work visa
  • general work visa
  • exceptional skills work visa
  • intra-company transfer work visa
  • corporate work visa

The Department approves applications for work visas based on whether or not a South African is available to fill the position applied for. If there is, it's unlikely that the work permit application will be successful.

The Department readily approves work permit applications for key personnel (for e.g. a CEO) of foreign companies investing in South Africa.

The Immigration Act introduced a quota system for work permits.


How to apply for a work permit

You need to submit an application on form DHA-1738 via the South African diplomatic representative in the country where you normally live or the country of which you have a passport.

Visas are issued for a set duration which varies on the type of work visa being applied for and applications are lodged through Visa Facilitation Services Centres (VFS) across the country or nearest South African embassy, mission or consulate abroad. 

You can also apply through a South African attorney or agent who has power of attorney for you.

Your application needs to be accompanied by:

  • a firm offer of employment
  • a letter from the prospective employer stating the date that the position became available, how it was advertised and why it's necessary to employ a non-South African.

Please see the Department of Home Affairs website for a full list of requirements.

The work permit application generally takes eight to twelve weeks. Applications for key personnel however generally take about two weeks.

Once your application has been processed, the outcome is faxed to the SA representatives at the country where you applied.

How to apply for a study permit

You first need to apply for admission to the higher education institution you want to attend. When you receive a letter of provisional acceptance you can apply for a study permit.

You need to go to your nearest South African Embassy, Consulate or High Comission to apply for the permit. You will need to complete the application form, DHA-1738. This needs to be accompanied by:

  • A passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of intended visit.
  • The prescribed fee.
  • A provisional letter of acceptance from the higher education institution.
  • Details of your accommodation arrangements.
  • Proof that you can pay your tuition and accommodation fees and support yourself.
  • A cash deposit or bank guaranteed cheque equivalent to the cost of a return air ticket.
  • A written undertaking that you will return to your country of residence or origin when you have completed your studies.
  • A doctor's report or letter from your doctor saying that you are in general good health.
  • Proof of medical cover renewed annually for the period of study with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act.

Please see the Department of Home Affairs website for a full list of requirements. If your application is successful, you will be given a multiple re-entry visa.

It can take up to eight weeks for an application to be processed. You can't enter South Africa until this permit is finalised.

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