Technology for Women in Business


Technology for Women in Business (TWIB) is an initiative aimed at enhancing the accessibility of Science and Technology to women in Business and in particular in small, medium and macro enterprises (SMMEs). It is a national Programme under the support of the Department of Trade and Industry. The emphasis of the programme is on the application of science and technology to achieve business growth in women-led enterprises, particularly small, medium and macro enterprises (SMMEs).


The objectives of TWIB are:

  • Facilitating focused action by women entrepreneurs at all levels.
  • Creating successful role models.
  • Unlocking solutions to progressive approaches to doing business in a global economy.
  • Exploiting partnerships with government, corporates and women focused organisations.


The Department of Trade and Industry's Gender and Women's Empowerment Unit is responsible for the implementation of the TWIB Programme. The activities thereof include, among others:

  • Accelerate women empowerment and the development of women owned enterprises through technology access.
  • Facilitate access to information and technology for women's enterprise development.
  • Facilitate linkages between women in business and technology service providers.
  • Facilitate the identification and creation of access to markets and business opportunities.
  • Recognise and celebrate the successes of women in the various technology business sectors.
  • Identify and encourage young women and girl learners to pursue technology based entrepreneurship through the TWIB Techno-girls Entrepreneurship Programme.
  • Expose South African Women entrepreneurs to international trends in science and technology.


TWIB also holds annual awards ceremony to recognise and award women entrepreneurs who have successfully used appropriate technologies to improve the performance of their businesses. For details on the competition, visit the Department of Trade and Industry's website:


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