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Programme Focus

The DSD Targeted Feeding Programme provides feeding in specific areas aimed at persons who are experiencing hunger and malnutrition. These are people who have been identified and who fall outside the Nutritional Therapeutic Programme of the Department of Health.

Beneficiary Criteria

Beneficiaries who may participate in the programme must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Beneficiaries who are experiencing stunted growth caused by inadequate access to food on a regular basis, malnourished children and their primary caregivers;
  2. Nutritionally at risk beneficiaries from local clinics who do not qualify for nutrition supplements;
  3. Beneficiaries awaiting social relief of distress benefits and social grants;
  4. Beneficiaries who have made applications with regional social development offices for relief of distress and undue distress grants but who do not qualify.

Beneficiaries can access the service by following the referral process. In addition beneficiaries are able to access the service via the following facilities.

DSD Targeted Feeding Programme Contact Details:

Ms Sonya van Niekerk
Programme Manager
Tel: 021-483 5543

Provided At: These facility categories:
Provided by:
Government Body: (Western Cape Government)
The content on this page was last updated on 1 February 2019