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Substance abuse programme


Overall focus

  • All people are aware of negative effects of substance use disorder.
  • There's sustainable sectoral collaboration in the province.
  • Those who need treatment, aftercare and support have easy access to it.


  • Awareness and primary prevention services.
  • Early intervention.
  • Treatment centres.
  • Reintegration and after-care support.
  • Integrated programmes with the Departments of Education and Health as well as Local Drug Action Committees of Local Authorities.
  • Co-ordination with partners, eg. NGO sector.
  • Standardising professional and management best practices.
  • Facilitate diversion programmes with the Social Crime Prevention Unit as a means of intervention with the youth at risk.

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Fatima Isaacs

Tel: 021 483 8442
Postal Address: Private Bag x 9112, Cape Town, 8000
Physical Address: 14 Queen Victoria Rd, Union House, Cape Town, 8000

Or contact or visit a substance use disorder treatment centre near you.

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