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Social Housing


Social Housing is a rental or co-operative housing option for households earning between R1 850 - R22 000 per month. Social Housing projects require management by an institution, which should be an accredited Social Housing Institution. Social Housing projects are developed within areas that contribute to spatial, economic and social development.


Social Housing

Social Housing

Through this subsidised programme you can gain access to a Consumer educationrental house or apartment. Government funding is provided to Social Housing Institutions to manage the rental units. You then pay a reduced rental amount, based on your household income, to the Social Housing Institution.

  1. Who can access the service?
  2. How does someone qualify for the service?
  3. How do I access the service?

Who can access this service?

  • Households earning between
    R1 850 - R22 000 per month.

How does someone qualify for this service?

You qualify for this subsidised programme if:

  • You're a South African citizen or have a permanent residency permit.
  • You're 18 years or older.
  • You're married or living with a partner.
  • You're single or divorced, and have proven financial dependants permanently living with you.
  • Your monthly household income is between R1 850 and R22 000 before deductions.

How do I access the service?

Consumer educationYou can access this service through:

  • Adverts for applications placed in local newspapers.
  • Contacting the office of the Social Housing Institution (SHI), where you'll be screened in line with the criteria.

Successful applicants are invited to attend information and education sessions.

Download the Social Housing Information Brochure.

Where do I find the forms I need to fill in?

Forms are obtainable from the following social housing institutions.

Contact details for social housing institutions:

Institution Telephone number Website
Communicare 021 421 6008
SOHCO 021 702 6007/8 or 031 201 4165
POVICOM 021 761 0707
Own Haven 086 1696 428
DCI CHS 021 552 5088
Madulammoho 011 725 3284 / 021 981 8875
Instratin 010 534 6900 / 011 656 1483
Urban Status Rentals (Devmark) 021 948 3502


Now open for rental housing applications:


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