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Shelters for Women Who are Abused


Young woman giving hug to her cute little son with brown soft teddybear while both sitting on sleeping place prepared for women in needA shelter is a place where victims of crime and violence are able to live for a period of 1 day up to approximately 3 months depending on the needs of the victims.

The shelter assists with meeting basic needs such as:

•    providing a safe place to live,
•    providing protection, food and
•    providing emotional support
     services such as trauma debriefing and therapeutic
•    providing information on developing skills, victim’s rights and capacity building,
•    providing support in preparation for court procedures,
•    providing programmes focused on alleged perpetrators and
•    providing gender based violence prevention programmes.

A shelter for victims of crime and violence does not provide statutory services to children; therefore shelters can't accommodate children without their parents/ legal guardians.

There are a number of shelters for abused women and their children in the Western Cape registered with the Department of Social Development.

Women in need of protection can contact a shelter directly, or ask a social worker at the nearest regional office of the Department, or your nearest police station for assistance in contacting a shelter.

Such women should also consider applying for a protection order.

Women who are being abused by persons addicted to drugs or alcohol may also consider applying to have their abuser committed to a drug treatment centre.

Should the abuser be known to have a licensed firearm, an application to have the firearm removed can also be considered.


Contact or go to a shelter directly, or ask for help on how to get to the nearest shelter at your nearest regional office or at your nearest police station.

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