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Research Ethics Committee



All research undertaken in or about the Western Cape Department of Social Developemtent falls within the scope of the Department's Research Ethics Committee (REC). 

The main aim of the REC is to promote ethical research and to ensure that the rights of both its beneficiaries and staff who participate in research are protected.

The Committee does not accept or review research applications from other Departments or entities outside the scope of its mandate. The Department’s REC is NOT an accredited research ethics committee in terms of the national Health Act. It therefore cannot accept applications for health-related research. Information regarding the application process for health related research can be obtained at:

Researchers and students, who are interested in undertaking research in the Department of Social Development, must apply to the Department’s Research Ethics Committee (REC) for approval. 

Before making an application, the following should be considered:

  • The Department’s key mandate is on service delivery for vulnerable populations. Access to the Department for research purposes is subject to its operational and service delivery priorities and cannot be guaranteed.
  • The Department’s Research Ethics Committee has to give ethical approval before any research can commence.
  • Research applications must comply with the Department’s Research Ethics Policy as well as legislation, policies and codes of conduct regulating its services and staff.
  • Some personal information may be requested as part of an application to the REC. Should you agree to provide relevant personal information, it will be processed and safeguarded in accordance with the provisions of POPIA. More information can be obtained at

Meeting Dates and Submission of Applications

The REC meets on a quarterly basis. The meeting dates for 2024/25 are as follows:

  • 1st Quarter: 27 June 2024
  • 2nd Quarter: 26 September 2024
  • 3rd Quarter: 05 December 2024
  • 4th Quarter: 13 March 2025 

Kindly note that applications must be submitted to the REC Secretariat at least six weeks before the meeting. Due to the volume of applications received, the Committee cannot accept late applications.

Application Procedures

Application forms can be downloaded or requested from the REC Secretariat.

Additional documents

REC Application Form

REC Access Request Form

REC Letter of Introduction

REC Terms of Reference 

Western Cape Department of Social Developemnt Policy on Research Ethics: Ethical Guidelines for Social Research


Contact Details for Enquiries and Applications

Both enquiries and applications can be submitted to the REC Secretariat at

No late applications will be considered.


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