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Renewing Postboxes and Private Bags Online


You can renew your annual PO Box or Private Bag rental using the South African Post Office's secure online payment system.

You can:

  • Check your renewal notices and tax invoices for both PO Boxes and Private Bags.
  • Pay your renewal online using a secure credit card payment system.
  • Manage your profile and address.
  • Apply for new PO Box or Private Bag services.
  • Get email and SMS reminders that your renewal is due.

Register now and you're set to go.


The South African Post Office has a social obligation to provide every household with an address. It currently delivers approximately six million postal items per day to around almost three and a half million street delivery points and almost two million postboxes. There are still over two million postboxes available for rent countrywide.


The Post Office's current delivery policy stipulates that all first postal addresses are provided free of charge to clients - including farmers and owners of smallholdings.

The following are regarded as a first postal address:

  • All areas where there is street delivery (regardless of whether the client wishes to use it or not).
  • Address boxes in areas where there is no street delivery.
  • Postboxes in areas where street delivery is impossible, for example on farms.
  • Postboxes in areas where there is no street delivery, forcing clients to rent postboxes.

The following are regarded as a second postal address:

  • If a client lives in an area where there is street delivery, but prefers to make use of a postbox.
  • If a client lives in an area where postboxes are provided as a first postal address, but prefers to make use of an additional postbox.

Postbox rental applies from 1 January to 31 December of each year and is payable before 31 December. A part of a calendar quarter is regarded as a full quarter.

When a postbox is rented, two keys are supplied on payment of a key deposit and the rental fee (if applicable). The deposit is refunded once the service has been cancelled and both keys returned to the postmaster. If a key is lost, the postmaster must be told immediately so that the postbox can be fitted with a new lock. The postbox renter is liable for the cost of a new lock and keys (enquire from the postmaster for more information).

Bar-coded annual renewal notices for postboxes, address boxes and private bags are placed in postboxes on 1 November and must be submitted before 31 January to the nearest retail office. Clients can still renew the postbox by getting a blank annual renewal form from the counter, if they have lost the bar-coded one. Failure to submit the annual renewal notice and to pay the rental fee (if applicable) before 31 January will result in closure of the postbox.

The Post Office will redirect postal items, at a minimal fee, for clients who move from one place to the other if they complete the application form for the redirection of mail and submit it to the nearest retail office.

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