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Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital: Outpatients Pharmacy

Medication is one of the most important components in your child's road to recovery and health. Remember, children often cannot express their symptoms; they often do not know the importance of taking their medicine nor can they remind you to give them their treatment. You, as the parent/guardian, are responsible for giving the child's treatment at the correct dosage, at the correct time and for the correct duration. At the pharmacy, we do our best to ensure that each and every parent or guardian understands the child's medication but treatments can get complicated and confusing, so PLEASE do not hesitate to ask us any questions. We are here to provide a service to you.


The following advice and information will help make your visit to the pharmacy as stress-free as possible.



Collecting Medication and Repeats

  • The pharmacy is open from 08:30 to 17:00.
  • When coming for repeats, first collect the child's folder from A4 reception and hand it in at the blue window at the Outpatients Pharmacy.
  • Keep your clinic card on you at all times. DO NOT LEAVE/KEEP IT IN YOUR CHILD'S FOLDER! This is your identification when collecting the child's medication.
  • Bring all medication, including pumps, with you when visiting the hospital/pharmacy.
  • As per hospital policy, all patients who live up-country and short-stay ward and oncology patients are helped first, otherwise it is strictly FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.
  • Don't leave medication to be collected the next day or you will have to wait again (no folders can be kept overnight in the pharmacy).
  • If you are unable to wait, you may come back later to collect the medication. Check on the list or ask the pharmacist at the yellow window for assistance.
  • Remember to ask for extra medication if your comeback date coincides with a vacation.

Waiting times can be long. Hundreds of patients are seen daily and we try to give each individual the attention that is needed.

A lot goes on "behind the scenes" (regulations to abide by, discussing prescription concerns with the doctor, etc) to ensure that your child is given the best treatment.

Your patience and co-operation are greatly appreciated.

Important Information about Your Medication


  • You must discuss with a doctor before stopping the child's medication, UNLESS the child is experiencing symptoms of an allergic reaction: skin rash, swelling, shortness of breath. If your child experiences any of the above signs and symptoms, contact a doctor immediately.
  • Please let us know if your child cannot swallow any tablets provided.
  • Report any side effects that the medication may give you.
  • Going to another pharmacy? Tell the pharmacist which medication the child is already taking from Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital to ensure there are no dangerous consequences.

Compliments and Complaints

These can be reported on the designated cards outside of the outpatients pharmacy or can be reported to the Pharmacy Manager.


We abide by an oath to make certain that confidentiality is respected. Because of this, we prefer dispensing to the parent or guardian of the child.

Remember -

Feel free to ask us any questions that you are concerned about regarding your child's treatment. We are here to help you and to try to make it easier for you!

(During office hours only)
Tel: 021 658 5114
Fax: 021 658 5071

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