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Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital: Developmental Assessment Clinic


This clinic assesses and manages preschool children who have developmental delays or are at risk of developmental delays.

What is developmental delay?

Any child with delayed milestones. For example: delayed walking (not walking by 18 months) or delayed talking (not using any words by two years).


1. An Autism Western Cape counsellor is available during the Tuesday clinic

2. Family Counsellors:
This service aims to support parents of children with developmental disabilities with guidance and support. Families will be referred after an evaluation in the developmental clinic.

3. Child Care Information Centre:
The Child Care Information Centre is located in the outpatients department of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital. It has two main services:

  • a telephonic information service
  • and a toy library.

The CCIC handles queries on all matters relating to child care, from health to education; child abuse to parent support groups. The toy library provides early intervention for children who have intellectual disabilities, such as Down Syndrome, or developmental delay from birth to pre-school.


Developmental Clinic:
Venue: S6
Days And Times: By Appointment
Telephone: 021 658 5535
Appointments: Referral forms to be faxed to 021 658 5530.
If you can't make it let us know in good time. Children are seen by appointment only. We do our best to stick to appointment schedules, however sometimes you may have to wait longer than usual. Please be patient with us. A parent, family member or person who knows the child needs to be with the child for the appointment.

Child Care Information Centre:

Venue: S8
Telephone: 021 689 1519/021 658 5526

Please remember to bring:

  • All medication your child is using with to the visit.
  • The referral letter,
  • The child's birth certificate,
  • Clinic card,
  • Parent's Identity Document,
  • Proof of income/Medical Aid card,
  • Contact details of parents.

Collect your child's folder from S1 at the entrance to outpatients before visiting the clinic. This is a good time to check with the clerk that your details are correct. If you missed an appointment or are not booked you need to go to S12 first.

Collect medication prescribed at the Community Health Centre (or Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital pharmacy only if arranged) before the medication you have runs out.

Discuss with the doctor before stopping any medication.

Ensure all personal and contact details are correct at each visit.

Going on Holiday or leaving the country? Remember to collect extra medication or a referral letter.

Having difficulty obtaining medication at the Community Health Centre? Inform our pharmacy.

Inform all clinics if your child has an appointment at more than one clinic on the same day.

For the past 37 years the Child Care Information Centre (CCIC) has gathered and disseminated information about services in the wider Cape Town area for children with special needs, so that those working with them can provide appropriate and realistic services. The 11th edition of the Directory of Services is an invaluable online resource for any professional or parent looking for services for children in need.

For more information about services for children with special needs:

Developmental Paediatric Team:
Fulltime Staff:
Dr Kirsty Donald, Paediatric Neurologist
Dr Reneva Petersen, Developmental Paediatrician
Dr Nerica Ramsundhar, Senior Registrar

Sessional Staff:
Dr Verushka Ramanjam, Developmental Paediatrician
Dr Mark Richards, Developmental Paediatrician
Dr Sally Ackermann, Paediatric Neurologist
Dr Sue Warner, Medical Officer
Dr Ceiri Davies, Paediatrician

Receptionist: Greta Langley


Provided At: These facility categories:
And these facilities:
Provided by:
Government Body: (Department of Health and Wellness, Western Cape Government)

Fair Payment: To make sure you don't pay more than you should bring some proof such as payslip, UIF, All Pay card, Affidavit if unemployed.

The content on this page was last updated on 24 January 2014