Persons with Disabilities Programme


Overall focus




  • The expansion of services into rural areas.
  • All persons with disabilities and their families will have access to developmental social welfare services.
  • Protective workshops are transformed and supported to create socio-economic opportunities by providing a diverse service baskets ranging from social services, promoting skills development, entrepreneurship and exposure to the world of work.
  • People with disabilities should be fully empowered, and some candidates will graduate from protective workshops to more open economic empowerment opportunities and the broader economy.
  • The mainstreaming of disability issues across all departmental programmes and activities.
  • Early intervention and support programmes targetting children with disabilities, families, parents and caregivers.
  • Expand community programmes such as day care programmes for persons with disabilities under the age of 18.


  • Residential care services: Provided by residential facilities managed by NGOs for temporary or permanent care, protection, support, stimulation and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (when the need can no longer be met at home).

Social Work Services:

Developmental social work interventions: In rendering these services, the department partners with a range of service providers across the province and service offerings include:

  • Awareness and educational programmes on disability issues.
  • Provision of social work services: counselling services, trauma debriefings.
  • Peer support programmes.
  • Family/parental support programmes.
  • Empowerment programmes for persons with disabilities: Lifeskills programme, programmes enhancing positive self image, self perception.

Protective Workshop Services

  • Day care services for economic empowerment and to train Persons with Disabilities to acquire skills.
  • Maintenance of business unit.
  • Facilitation of open labour market placements.


Services to Persons with Disabilities

For more information contact:

Patiswa Momoza
Tel: 021 483 4015
Postal Address: Private Bag x 9112, Cape Town, 8000
Physical Address: 14 Queen Victoria Road, Union House, Cape Town, 8000


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