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The Department of Transport and Public Works in the Western Cape offers the National Youth Service (NYS) Programme, a skills development programme to unemployed youth in the technical trade industry with no work experience and those in the technical trade industry with work experience but no trade certification.

Participant requirements

  • A valid ID.
  • Between the ages of 18-35 years.
  • Minimum Grade 10 or equivalent (RPL).
  • Must reside in the Western Cape.
  • Must attend the compulsory briefing session.
  • Must be willing to enter into a one year National Youth Service Programme that will include youth development activities, technical and on-the-job practical training.
  • Past experience in a construction industry trade, such as bricklaying, plumbing, plastering, carpentry, etc. will be beneficial.
  • Persons with a disability who meet the above criteria may apply.

A strict selection process takes place paying particular attention to the development of youth, women, persons with disabilities and youth in conflict with the law. The number of learners we select depends on the budget and the number of projects assigned to the programme.

The National Youth Service Programme aims to:

  • Create an enabling environment for participants to develop their skills.
  • Provide training and management support to participants.
  • Assess performance.
  • Be inclusive of all gender or geographical locations and be linked to community service, internships and career-oriented studies.

The programme is accredited within the National Qualifications Framework and linked to the National Strategy for Economic Growth which places special emphasis on rural development projects. It is also linked to financial support for education which promotes a common sense of nationhood, reconstruction and development.

The NYS Programme aims to impart skills, understanding and an aspiration for working in the built environment. The construction trade training needs have therefore been identified through the following areas:

  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration
  • Construction masonry and plastering
  • Electrical wiring
  • Construction plumbing
  • Construction tiling
  • Construction painting
  • Construction carpentry
  • Road works
  • Construction floor covering
  • Construction welding
  • Construction plant operator

Creating an enabling environment

The skills programme will include both theory and simulated training through accredited training service providers. We assist the participants with work-based learning through their accredited unit standards obtained during institutional training to enhance workplace experiential training. We will also provide training in accordance with the relevant National Qualification Framework (NQF) level under the auspices of the relevant Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA). We will assist participants to exit into viable, suitable economic opportunities.

National Youth Service Policy

This policy is a framework for youth development across the country and addresses the major concerns and issues critical to young men and women. It gives direction to youth programmes and services provided by government and non-government organisations.

Download the NYS brochure.


For enquiries in you region, please contact:

Metro Region Contact Person: Zukiswa Nogcenisa Tel: 021 483 2953
West Coast and Cape Winelands Regions Contact Person: Ayanda Kettledas Tel: 021 483 8556
Overberg and Eden Regions Contact Person: Allison Nicholls Tel: 021 483 4300
Central Karoo Region Contact Person: Ntombomzi Mjajubana Tel: 021 483 2622
Head Office Manager: Skills Development Unit: Ferdie Jacobs Tel: 021 483 8541


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